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Synchrony funds

The Synchrony range of funds offers an accessible and stable investment universe, tailored to your profile.

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Synchrony investment funds

The Synchrony range of funds are based on a sophisticated and solid management approach. This is based on 5 guiding principles:


i.e. independence in selecting the best assets (equities/bonds) and external management companies at a global level.


thanks to a high degree of diversification, guaranteeing long-term returns and lower risk.


a transparent allocation process that rejects opaque financial products and aims for portfolio purity.


applied to all investment areas: in the products, the selected securities, the fees...


believing in what we do and sticking to it despite possible turbulence, because quality always prevails in the long term.

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Our approach is to seek the performance produced by the real economy and its companies. Our goal is to identify the best equities and issuers in the market and to enable our clients to invest in high value-added geographical regions.

Funds adapted to your profile

Our range of more than 35 investment funds (and more than 60 sub-funds) has been designed to adapt to the profiles of our investors. It allows you to diversify your investments and obtain a risk/return ratio in accordance with your personal objectives and your investment project.

Each investor can opt either for a "ready-made" approach by investing in global equity, asset allocation, pension or real estate funds, or for a "tailor-made" approach where he can choose his own strategy by investing in regional equity or bond funds (Switzerland, Europe, US etc...) which he can weight according to his desired exposure to one or more markets. For example, if an investor wishes to invest in Switzerland and the new silk roads, he can create a portfolio of 2 investment funds that cover these regions.

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Geneva know-how

Synchrony funds are managed in Geneva by the BCGE Asset Management team. It draws on Swiss know-how, which is recognised in the field of investment fund management. The strength of its organisation, the rigour and consistency of its decision-making model and the expertise of the Geneva financial centre contribute to the attractiveness of Synchrony funds in Switzerland and throughout the world.

Experts who have proven their worth over the years

BCGE Asset Management's experts have been involved in the creation and management of investment funds since 1990. Their know-how is recognised by professionals and their funds have received regular awards since 1998.

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The sophistication of simplicity

We usually illustrate our approach with the wings of the butterfly. A simple but sophisticated illustration of the chaos theory, which attempts to detect a hidden order in apparent disorder. Edward Lorenz, an American meteorologist, one of the fathers of this scientific theory described it as follows: "If the flapping of a butterfly's wings can trigger a tornado, it can just as easily prevent it".

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