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Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a pragmatic investment approach, illustrated through 8 main guiding principles. These principles shape the management of the Synchrony range of investment funds.

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Our vision:

Finance is an applied art and not only a quantitative technique.

Finding the right investment is not the same as going on an adventure. Finding the right investment means choosing the right adviser.

We put all our expertise at your disposal to help you choose the assets that correspond to you. We are aware of the unpredictability of markets and the euphoric excitement of speculation, so we opt for a methodical, realistic and constant approach to investment.

- Methodical, because we set up a structured and documented process.

- Realistic, because we always have a clear overview of investment markets.

- Constant, because tangible results can only be achieved over time.

We adopt a transparent and understandable management style and are committed to our investment decisions.

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Our vision:

Performance is produced by the real economy and its companies.

A good investment does not need to be based on speculation. A good investment has to be based on solid foundations.

In our opinion, a good investment must be based on solid values, because it is the real economy that influences the markets and not the other way around.

The main focus of our asset management is on a rigorous selection of the most productive and solid companies, of all sizes, listed on the stock exchange or accessible through private equity, wherever they are in the world.

To create performance, we rely on the real economy, not on the casino economy.

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Our vision:

The best assets are discovered thanks to open architecture.

A successful investment is not only about being convinced of your choices. A successful investment also means remaining humble.

In addition to the investment funds where our managers invest directly in companies, we also want to offer our clients access to the world’s best managers, who specialise in specific regions and share our values and rigorous management approach.

That is why we opt for open architecture. This means that we sometimes entrust the selection of assets in certain regions to the best external management companies in the world, because we are convinced of their quality. We select those with a solid infrastructure, capable to analyse each company in their geographical regions and monetary environment. This approach gives our clients access to different equity markets while reducing risk.

By entrusting the selection of assets to others, we adopt an open and humble approach.

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Our vision:

The key to good asset allocation is critical selection and defined exclusion criteria.

Investing well does not mean following trends. Investing well means following a conviction.

All our investment decisions follow a doctrine based on firm principles.

We promote scientific methods and experience-based choices, such as the assumption that equities outperform other asset classes over the long term. At the same time, we choose to stay away from principles based on intuition, such as market timing or short-term speculation. We are convinced that it is impossible to create sustainable and serious value by buying a position and selling it within a few days.

This vision is combined with quantitative controls and financial engineering to ensure that risk budgets are met and quality control is carried out.

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Our vision:

A high-level of diversification increases return and reduces risk.

A good portfolio is not putting all your eggs in one basket. A good portfolio is a diversified portfolio.

As an investor, you should consider diversifying your investments by avoiding concentrating all your money in one place.

We always highlight the advantages of diversifying investments to our clients. In times of crisis, the investments affected are compensated by those that are not affected. And in times of growth, diversification ensures more stable, less volatile and not necessarily lower global returns over the long term. We also recommend diversification within each asset class in which the investor invests.

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Our vision:

The investment philosophy determines the portfolio performance, not the size of the bank or the individual talent of the managers.

A good return does not require taking excessive risks. A good return requires a good overview.

We believe that the performance of our portfolios is directly determined by our investment philosophy.

The solidity of this philosophy has been tested by numerous market incidents. Our strategic decisions - independence, open architecture, roots in the real economy, diversification, simplicity - have proven to be reliable. Our method has proven itself and has been performing well for years. It distinguishes our bank and makes it a permanent point of reference in the sometimes arrogant and often confusing financial sector.

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Our vision:

The investor determines his objectives, his time horizon and his risk tolerance.

Investments are not about having capital. Investments are about having projects.

For us, an investment is first and foremost a personal project.

Our clients' projects serve as the basis for the strategic allocation of their assets An in-depth discussion with an adviser can be the starting point. During this meeting, we analyse the investor's asset structure, define the general investment objectives, such as financing a future project, strengthening his pension provision or preparing for his succession, and we also define the investor's risk profile, by testing the soundness of his convictions. Following this analysis, we define his profile, determine his risk/return ratio and select the most suitable investments for him.

Source: "Investing in the economy, not in the stock market", Blaise Goetschin / Constantino Cancela.

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Our vision:

A simple structure makes a portfolio more resilient.

Simplicity is not so easy to achieve. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Many financial products quickly become outdated or unsuitable because they are poorly selected or not used properly.

We are committed to following a consistent and simple strategic line. We avoid the use of structured products, such as hedge funds, and manage our portfolios in such a way that risks are minimised from the outset by the quality of strategic allocation and the degree of diversification. This simple approach enables us to strengthen the natural defences of our portfolios and to build a robust system that withstands the challenges and reversals of the market.

It is essential that the investor understands what he is investing in.

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